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Education and Cooperation in Emergencies: concepts, agendas, actors and challenges Featured

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7 April 2017 | Braga (Portugal)

The International Network for Education in Emergencies (INEE) and the Institute of Education of Minho University hosted the International Seminar “Education and Cooperation in Emergencies: concepts, agendas, actors and challenges” on 7 April 2017 in Braga, Portugal.

The Global Platform for Syrian Students (GP4SYS) participated in the Session 2 on “Ensuring a Conflict Sensitive Approach as critical component of quality EiE programming". The aims of the session were to increase the awareness of INEE CSE Pack, training materials and resources and their use; to understand the basic principles of conflict sensitivity in education; to understand how CSE contributes to 2030 Agenda goals and targets; and to discuss challenges and opportunities related to how the CSE Pack has been applied in practice. The GP4SYS Secretary General made a presentation on the application of conflict sensitive strategies within the Rapid Response mechanism for Higher Education.

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