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Elevo Group provides ten scholarships Featured

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Elevo Group provides ten scholarships Elevo Group

"It is with great honor that Grupo Elevo joins forces with Dr. Jorge Sampaio and the GP4SYS Platform, especially given our Former President’s prestige and the relevance of this initiative during these trying times for the people of Syria. We strongly believe that the private sector plays a pivotal role in the development of societies in vulnerable states and as such, we are proud to support this global effort”, said Gilberto Silveira Rodrigues.

A new pledge was announced by Elevo’s Group during their annual general meeting "Shaping the Future”. Thanks to this goodwill act, ten students will be awarded by one of the scholarships provided by the Global Platform for Syrian Students. Selected Syrian students will choose the university they wish to study. Elevo Group is an engineering and construction group operating in 21 countries. 

"I am really delighted and most grateful to ELEVO for the announcement made by Mr. Gilberto Rodrigues that ELEVO will support 10 Syrian Students for three years. These new scholarships which will be called ‘ELEVO SCHOLARSHIPS will make a real difference in the lives of many Syrian families. Because each time a student has an opportunity to resume their studies, it is the whole family and the community who build hope for the future...I am very excited with this new collaboration with ELEVO and hope it is just a beginning. The involvement of the private sector in solving global challenges is more needed than ever. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!” exclaimed Dr. Sampaio.


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  • Source: Governments, Global Platform for Syrian Students
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