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In Lisbon, Rasha got 20 out of 20 in her Master’s thesis. At the University of Minho, the PhD Jury decided to grant Samer “Very Good”.

So both students were awarded the highest grades, what a day full of sweater and tears, but indeed tears of overwhelming joy! They have worked hard to achieve their goals. Now they are ready to embrace new projects and dream new dreams. They can fly, the sky is their limit. 

Warmest congratulations to Rasha and Samer, to their professors, friends and colleagues. A thought to their parents and families who have all reasons to celebrate and be proud of their children.


Samer PhD Thesis 01 2



31 January: a great day for us all

Rasha - a Master’s degree student at the Lusófona University in Lisbon – and Samer, - a Doctoral student the University of Minho in Braga –, will have the public defense of their theses today, in the afternoon.
Rasha’s thesis is focused on “Post War Reconstruction in the Context of Historic Preservation – Case Study: The Old City of Homs Khan Al-Jamal”.

Samer’s thesis addresses the topical issue of “Economic Growth in Post-Civil Conflict Countries”.

After embarking on a long journey that took some years, lots of efforts and hard work, today they will reach the pinnacle of academic achievement.

The Global Platform for Syrian Students, its partners, members of the Academic Consortium, friends, supporters and donors, we are all very proud of our students and wish Rasha and Samer all the best for today.

Indeed we are also very grateful to those who helped make it happen – their universities, their professors, donors. We can just imagine who stressful and long this day will be to their families and friends… more news to come later on today!!!






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