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In Evora to support the Syrians refugees, we collected clothes and we sent them to camps in Europe Featured

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Nour addressing a speech Nour addressing a speech Nour Machlah

Nour, student supported by the GP4SYS, is a Syrian young Architect living in Portugal interested in the dialogue between civilizations and cultures. He has participated in different events and made several talks in Portugal. Here you will find his testimonial and some pictures.






My speech in the lawyer association in Lisbon About the refugees’ crisis, I talked a little about the history of Syria, the Syrians, I tried to help the people more to know the reality of those refugees. Also I talked about the important role that the education will play to rebuild Syria again.





This in Evora and the speech was talking about the challenges I faced when I arrived to Portugal as an international student, and how I found the way to communicate with the community here.





This was In Lisbon too, dialogue among civilizations, who are the Arabs, Muslims, Syrians and refugees, the part that the Media plays and how we must know what to watch and who to trust.





In Almada theater talking about the refugees crises and the Syrian war, our life before, during and after the war.





In Al-Vito town, talking about the Syrian people, this town will receive 2 families from Syria so they invited to tell the people more about who are the Syrians, how we used to live, etc.



Nour06  Nour07


In Cidade Arco- Iris (Alenquer), joining a Christian youth organization with their event by talking about war and peace, Christianity and Jesus in Islam, also about the Syrian refugees.






One of the events I did in Evora to support the Syrians refugees, we collected clothes and we sent them to camps in Europe.Save

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  • Source: Global Platform for Syrian Students
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