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Testimonial: "I’m making friends from all around the world and gaining a new language..."



My name is Eiad, for me this scholarship helped me to achieve one of my dreams.When I was in Syria doing my BA in architecture I always wanted to continue my studies to get a Master degree and a PHD degree. I have been accepted in a Syrian university but the situation in Syria was very bad so I left, moving on to Egypt.


In Egypt after having an acceptance in university for free, the political situation changed and all the treatment for us, Syrians, changed with it, so we no longer had free admissions in universities, so I started to work as freelancer beside my volunteered work in a refugee foundation, but I was also searching for another studying opportunity online. When I found this scholarship I applied and after a couple of months I received an email that I have been accepted in this scholarship, it was the best email I ever received and I will never forget the title (very urgent - good news - global platform for Syrian students).


Now I am in Portugal and I am going to finish my MA degree, I learned a lot in my field of studies and still learning about the rich Portuguese and European culture. I’m making friends from all around the world and gaining a new language. Finally, in another words this scholarship changed my life.


A lot of Syrians now a days are dying in the sea trying to arrive to Europe, and a lot of them
all what they want and hope for is to continue their studies in a safe place where they could have the opportunity, one of those people was my best friend. I hope there would be more scholarships for them and more people interested in their cases and situations like my scholarship was.


Eiad, Scholar


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  • Source: Global Platform for Syrian Students
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