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Our Students make us proud! Featured

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Alaa Alaa


We are grateful to our students for their hard work and amazing achievements!

This was confirmed once more, last Friday, when Alaa defended her Master’s degree thesis in architecture at ISCTE, Lisbon Portugal. She is our most recent graduate. Very warm congratulations to her! Cristel Molne, from the Embassy of Andorra in Portugal, was among the audience who attended Alaa’s public defense because her scholarship was mostly supported by a generous grant provided by the Government of Andorra. She was sincerely happy to realize how this grant made such a difference in one’s life.

But there is more than that: a few weeks ago, Omar too has completed his Master’s degree at the Minho University in Management studies. And next week, another student, Sarah, will complete her master’s degree in architecture. Omar´s and Sarah’s scholarships were generously supported by the Carnegie Corporation of New York and the Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisbon.

President Sampaio, the chair of the Global Platform said: “I am extremely proud of our students for their achievements - all our common hard work to make it possible and indeed their own efforts have certainly paid off! I am most grateful to our partners – donors and members of the academic consortium - for their strong support to this successful journey”.


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  • Source: Civil Society, International Organisations, Global Platform for Syrian Students, United Nations
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