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Australia International Education Conference Featured

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Australia International Education Conference AIEC

10-13 October 2017 | Hobart (Australia)

The Global Platform for Syrian Students participated in the Australia International Education Conference (AIEC) 2017The four-day program was focused on the theme of ‘Embracing Diversity’ in international education – discussing people, cultures, languages, places, partnerships, education sectors, pathways, delivery models and approaches to learning, teaching, careers and employment.

Our Secretary General presented our supoprt to syrian students and the Rapid Response Mechanism in two sessions: Not there yet’: overcoming barriers to education for refugees and asylum seekers and International education is complicit in the growing sentiments of nationalist populism, as it mostly serves to create a class of global elites.

The AIEC 2017 welcomed 1304 delegates from 36 countries to the Hotel Grand Chancellor in Hobart, Tasmania. They came to gain important knowledge, discover best practices, and gather industry insights, innovative approaches and trends. In total, 462 organisations were represented and 21% of delegates came from overseas. Of all attendees, 14% had two years or less of experience in international education, 16% indicated that they had been in the industry for five to 10 years and nearly half had more than 10 years experience. The diverse experiences shared by all attendees ensured a wide range of perspectives and ideas were discussed, nurturing knowledge exchange and vin-depth conversations. 


Paper of the debate

Watch a video presentation below and more videos here.

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