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Global Humanitarian Policy Forum: Agenda of Humanity Featured

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Global Humanitarian Policy Forum: Agenda of Humanity GHPF

11-14 December 2017 | New York (USA)

The Global Platform for Syrian Students attended OCHA’s sixth annual Global Humanitarian Policy Forum (GHPF), which took place on 13 December 2013 in New York under the theme of: “Reaching for the future: Humanitarianism in 2030.”

The event explored the following overarching question: What is the scale and depth of change required by the humanitarian sector to contribute toward lifting the most vulnerable out of crises between now and 2030?

While maintaining the broader objectives of building a more inclusive policy community, identifying latest trends and showcasing research, the GHPF 2017 focused on the following:

  • To identify specific measures that can be adopted or scaled to bring about the systemic and structural changes required for the humanitarian sector to contribute to lifting out the most vulnerable of humanitarian crises, between now and 2030.
  • Through multi-stakeholder dialogue, to identify areas where progress can be accelerated on the transformations identified in the Agenda for Humanity.
  • As a background for discussion, participants will be provided with snapshots from the first Annual Synthesis Report on progress since the World Humanitarian Summit and World Humanitarian Data and Trends 2017.

The GHPF 2017 provided the basis for a blog about the future of humanitarianism that will be produced after the forum, based on inputs from and discussion among participants, including actionable steps forward.

The event was broadcasted on UNTV at http://webtv.un.org/

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