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High-Level SDG Action Event on Education - General Assembly, 71st session Featured

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UN High Level on SDG4 Panel UN High Level on SDG4 Panel UN

28 June 2017 | United Nations, New York


On 28 June, a High-Level Event on Education was convened in partnership with key SDG 4 stakeholders to drive a new push for inclusive and equitable quality education and lifelong learning opportunities for all. The Global Platform for Syrian Students was part of this event and our representative, the Secretary General, Ms Helena Barroco, made an intervention during the panel: DIALOGUE: WHAT WILL IT TAKE TO ACHIEVE SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOAL 4?


Sustainable Development Goal 4, education, is at the heart of the UN’s 2030 Agenda and essential for the success of all Sustainable Development Goals. National governments and the international community need to ensure quality education for all; smart, innovative measures to reach young learners, and education and training which are more relevant to addressing the social, environmental and economic challenges that face the world. Education on a basis of equality for girls and boys, women and men across all education systems and initiatives is also critical in achieving gender equality, reducing child mortality, delaying marriage and generating female leaders amongst other factors that contribute to societal progress.


Raising awareness of the new development agenda, fostering better understanding about the SDGs and their interconnectedness and promoting global citizenship, all play an instrumental role in making progress not only towards SDG 4, but also towards the entire Agenda 2030. The event will also elaborate on how to advance the incorporation of the SDGs into the curricula of every school in the world.


In this framework, GP4SYS Secretary General, Ms Helena Barroco, made an interview for UN Radio on SDG4 on Education you can watch below.


To know more check-out the ProgrammeConcept Note and other information related to the event. Do not miss the discussion and watch the event here.


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