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Lisbon Forum 2016 on Migration and Human Rights Featured

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Lisbon Forum 2016 on Migration and Human Rights North-South Centre of the Council of Europe

24 - 25 November 2016 | Lisbon (Portugal)



In its Lisbon Forum 2016 the North-South Centre, taking stock on its two decades of experience in promoting dialogue and cooperation between the North and South, fostering solidarity and raising awareness of interdependence, will set up a dialogue for co-operation on a holistic, human rights-based “triangular” approach from the experiences those stakeholders at the frontline of the management of the migration and refugee crisis.


The Lisbon Forum 2016 on "Migration and human rights: how to structure effective collective action? Best practices and shared knowledge in the Mediterranean and European space" will aim at increasing awareness and understanding of the global dimension of the migration crisis and enhance cooperation at regional and international level for the management of this key issue through exchange of experience and good practice from across CoE member states and Southern Mediterranean partner countries. This years Forum responds to the Council of Europe’s important commitment in the field of human rights of migrants and asylum-seekers.


Some scholars supported by the Global Platform for Syrian Students will participate at this event to share life testimonies.


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