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  • Our Annual Report 2019 is out!



  Annual Report 2019 facts figures


Students who achieved their degrees: 



Samer PhD Thesis 01 2

Samer at his PhD defense



Sara H 02

 Sara with her father at her Maseters’ defense



 Yara at her Master’s defense


 Salam MA Thesis Defence

 Salam at her Master’s defense


 Hazem PhD Thesis 02

 Hazem at his PhD Defense


 Waleed 01

 Waleed at his Master’s defense


 Ibraheem Wardeh Thesis 3

 Ibraheem at his Master’s defense



 Mohammad at his his Master’s defense


Amer 01

Amer ‘s defense thesis


Rasha Master Thesis 04

Rasha at her Master’s defense





Annual Report 2019 list of advocacy events

For further information about our activities and achievements in 2019, kindly consult our annual report already available.



  • Our Fall Newsletter now released !


La Caixa 07


Since the beginning of the pandemic in March of this year, the Global Platform for Syrian Students (GP4SYS) has been adapting to the new times in which we are living. One of the first measures taken as from March 24 was to launch online Portuguese courses to keep our students active and reinforce the sense of learning as a social process. Despite all uncertainties, we continued to work on the many projects we have in the pipeline or planned for the current and upcoming years. Progress is perhaps slower, but we do not give up or lay down our arms, as we are sure to be on the right track and also because we firmly believe that new opportunities always emerge from the challenges we face. Below are some highlights on ongoing activities.

On behalf of GP4SYS, I renew our sincere thanks to all partners, public and private, to higher education institutions, foundations, companies and individuals who have made possible the progress achieved. As I have always said, times of crisis make the need to invest in education even more tangible and urgent, in order to increase resilience and overcome challenges looking toward the future. Let us make no mistake: with globalization, a crisis anywhere quickly becomes a crisis everywhere. Boosting higher education in emergencies is critical at a time when crises are emerging or becoming intractable, notably around Europe and its its close neighborhood. We must therefore always do more, better and faster…


Jorge Sampaio


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Despite the harsh impact of the Covid-19 pandemic in economic, social and academic life, our students do not give up on their dreams. Between July and now, quite a number of students completed their degrees: Doaa, Maha, Ghadir, Mohamed, Kais, Lin, Nour, Manar, Mohannad, Mohammed and Wesam. Others are still waiting for their defence session to be scheduled, such as Nour, Katia and Huda. What a wealth of experience and achievements!


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