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As President Sampaio, the founder and chairman of the Global Platform for Higher Education in Emergencies (former Global Platform for Syrian Students) passed away two weeks ago, we had to spend some time to fix internal and management issues. In this regard, I am pleased to announce that our Financial Officer, Mr. Joaquim Mestre, took the chairmanship of the Board of the Global Platform.

Though this is still an ongoing process, the most important point is that our Board that met on 21 September is adamant that keeping the current activities going is a top priority. At the same time, the Portuguese Minister of Foreign Affairs has expressed its unwavering support to the Global Platform. Last but not the least, there were innumerous voices among our partners and beyond expressing full support to our action on the ground.

All in all, everyone sees the Global Platform as part of President Sampaio’s legacy that we are all responsible for developing further and making it stronger by the day.

So here we are, bouncing back and catching up. We have resumed all ongoing activities and are fully committed to deliver more, better and faster results on the ground.

Thank you all for your support over these very difficult times and for your many words of sympathy and solidarity.

As President Sampaio used to say, together we can make it happen. Let’s get down to work. There is no time to lose.

Helena Barroco,
Secretary General of the Global Platform



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