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Keep on dreaming and working till your dreams come true Featured

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Testimonial: "When I was in Lebanon in 2013, I was searching for any chance to live like a normal person..."



When I was in Lebanon in 2013, I was searching for any chance to live like a normal person. At first, I tried so hard to continue my academic life and to follow my dream but it was a really hard to find because I can’t get the visa and I didn’t had the money to do it. Therefore I tried
to work in fashion design but I didn’t find so I worked in a construction site it wasn’t easy of fun but I had to live.

My father told me “keep on dreaming and working till your dreams come true”. I applied to so many scholarships and at the moment when I had almost stopped believe in humanity, I got an email from the Global Platform announcing my scholarship to study design in Portugal!
I was so happy and excited that I couldn’t believe it until I landed in Lisbon and saw the Portuguese flag. This program helped me and so many other students.


The Global Platform it’s not like any other scholarship because I feel I’m home between my family and my friends. My University is one of the best design universities in Portugal (IADE-Creative University). I’m learning new skills in design, drawing, understanding and explaining ideas. I hope the Program will grow and help more students because we are the ones who will build our beloved country.

Ameer, Scholar



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  • Source: Global Platform for Syrian Students
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